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Read more about the Pressure Pot Sandblasting System called the C1 with stainless steel ball valve.

Ceramic sandblasting nozzles (known to some as C1 Series, PB Series or Type 1 nozzles) available in 1/4" orifice size. These are for pressurized sandblasting units. Price is individual sale price. These are the same style that the big deadman valves use as well as the gun assemblies I sell in my other listings.

These are the larger 3-3/4" long tips. The base measures 1-1/8" in diameter and tapers to 5/8" diameter at the small end. View the video on these sandblaster nozzle on Youtube.

If you need a 3/16", 1/8" or 1/4" orifice, then please check my other listings.

These nozzles last much longer than the smaller ceramic nozzles used on the Chinese pot blasters that are out there, as there is a lot more ceramic material that must wear away before the nozzle needs replacement, which is why I have preferred to use them for years.

If you need a valve assembly for these nozzles or if you are thinking about building your own sandblaster then....